Section 2


[Qasas 28:14] And when he reached his maturity and full strength, We gave him wisdom and knowledge; and this is how We reward the virtuous.

[Qasas 28:15] And he entered the city when its inhabitants were sleeping unaware in the afternoon - he therefore found two men fighting; one was from Moosa’s group, and the other from among his enemies; so the one who was of Moosa’s group pleaded to Moosa for help against him who was of his enemies - therefore Moosa punched him thereby finishing him; he said, “This act was from the devil *; indeed he is an open enemy, a misleader.” (* The act of oppressing the man from Bani Israel).

[Qasas 28:16] He said, “My Lord! I have indeed wronged my soul * therefore forgive me” – He therefore forgave him; indeed only He is the Oft Forgiving, the Most Merciful. (* By getting angry.)

[Qasas 28:17] He said, “My Lord! The way You have bestowed favour upon me, so never will I be a supporter of the guilty.”

[Qasas 28:18] So he was in the city at morning fearing, waiting to see what happens – thereupon he sighted the one who had appealed to him the day before, crying out to him for help; Moosa said to him, “Indeed you are clearly astray.”

[Qasas 28:19] So when Moosa wished to apprehend the man who was an enemy to them both, he said, “O Moosa! Do you wish to kill me the way you killed a man yesterday? You only wish to become a strict ruler in the land, and not to make reform.”

[Qasas 28:20] And a man came running from the outer part of the city; he said, “O Moosa! Indeed the court members are considering killing you, therefore go away - I surely am your well-wisher.”

[Qasas 28:21] So he left the city in fear, waiting to see what happens; he said, “My Lord! Rescue me from the unjust people.”