[Fatir 35:31] And the Book which We have divinely revealed to you – that is the Truth, confirming the Books which were before it; indeed Allah is Aware of His bondmen, All Seeing.

[Fatir 35:32] We then made Our chosen bondmen the inheritors of the Book; so among them is one who wrongs himself; and among them is one who stays on the middle course; and among them is one who, by the command of Allah, surpassed others in good deeds; this is the great favour!

[Fatir 35:33] They shall enter the Gardens of everlasting stay (Eden) – in which they shall be given to adorn armlets of gold and pearls; and their garment in it is silk.

[Fatir 35:34] And they will say; “All praise is to Allah Who has put away our grief; indeed Our Lord is Oft Forgiving, Most Appreciative.”

[Fatir 35:35] “The One Who has, by His munificence, established us in a place of serenity; in which no hardship shall ever reach us nor any fatigue affect us.”

[Fatir 35:36] And for those who disbelieved is the fire of hell; neither does their final seizure come that they may die, nor is its punishment lightened for them; this is how We punish every extremely ungrateful person.

[Fatir 35:37] And they shall be screaming in it; “Our Lord! Extricate us, so that we may do good deeds, the opposite of what we used to do”; (It will be said to them) “And did We not give you an age long enough, in which anyone who wants to understand would have understood? And the Herald of Warning did come to you; therefore now taste it – for the unjust do not have any supporter.”

Section 5

[Fatir 35:38] Indeed Allah is All Knowing – of all the hidden things in the heavens and in the earth; indeed He knows what lies within the hearts.