[HMSajdah 41:39] And among His signs is that you see the earth lying neglected, so when We sent down water on it, it freshened up and grew forth; indeed He Who gave it life, will revive the dead; indeed He is Able to do all things.

[HMSajdah 41:40] Indeed those who distort Our verses are not hidden from Us; so is one who is cast into the fire better, or one who comes in safety on the Day of Resurrection? Do whatever you wish! He is indeed seeing your deeds.

[HMSajdah 41:41] Indeed those who denied the Remembrance when it came to them - they are truly ruined; and indeed it is an honourable Book.

[HMSajdah 41:42] Falsehood cannot approach it - neither from its front nor from its back; it is sent down by the Wise, the Most Praiseworthy.

[HMSajdah 41:43] You will not be told except what was said to the Noble Messengers before you; that “Your Lord is the Owner of Forgiveness, and the Owner of Painful Punishment.”

[HMSajdah 41:44] And if We had made it as a Qur’an in a foreign language they would have certainly said, “Why were its verses not explained in detail?” What! The Book in a foreign language, and the Prophet an Arab?! Proclaim (O dear Prophet Mohammed - peace and blessings be upon him), “It is a guidance and a cure for the believers”; and there is deafness in the ears of those who do not believe, and it is blindness upon them; as if they are being called from a place far away!


Section 6

[HMSajdah 41:45] And We indeed gave the Book to Moosa, so a dispute was created regarding it; and were it not for a Word that had already gone forth from your Lord, the judgement would have been immediately passed upon them; and indeed they are in an intriguing doubt regarding it.

[HMSajdah 41:46] Whoever does good deeds, so it is for his own good, and whoever commits evil, so it is for his own harm; and your Lord does not at all oppress the bondmen.