[HMSajdah 41:47] The knowledge of the Last Day is directed towards Him; and no fruit comes out from its cover, and nor does any female conceive or give birth, but with His knowledge; and on the day when He will call out to them, “Where are My partners?” They will say, “We have told you that none among us can testify.”

[HMSajdah 41:48] And they have lost what they used to worship before, and be sure, they do not have a place to escape.

[HMSajdah 41:49] Man does not weary of seeking goodness; and if some misfortune reaches him, he loses hope, gets disappointed.

[HMSajdah 41:50] And if We make him taste Our mercy after the hardship which befell him, he will say, “This is mine! And I do not think that the Last Day will ever be established - and even if I am returned to my Lord, with Him is only goodness for me”; so We shall indeed inform the disbelievers of what they did; and We shall indeed make them taste a solid punishment.

[HMSajdah 41:51] And when We favour man, he turns away and goes back afar; and when some hardship reaches him, he comes with a vast prayer!

[HMSajdah 41:52] Proclaim (O dear Prophet Mohammed - peace and blessings be upon him), “What is your opinion - if this Qur’an is from Allah and then you deny it - so who is more astray than whoever is in extreme opposition?”

[HMSajdah 41:53] We shall now show them Our signs in all the directions and within their own selves until it becomes clear to them that it is certainly the truth; is not your Lord sufficient as a Witness over all things?

[HMSajdah 41:54] Pay heed! They are certainly doubtful regarding the meeting with their Lord; pay heed! He encompasses all things!