[Shoora 42:16] And those who fight regarding Allah after the Muslims have accepted His call, their reasoning does not hold at all before their Lord, and upon them is wrath, and for them is a severe punishment.

[Shoora 42:17] It is Allah Who has sent down the Book with the truth, and the Scales of Justice; and what do you know - possibly the Last Day could really be near!

[Shoora 42:18] Those who do not believe in it are impatient for it, and those who believe in it fear it and know that indeed it is the truth; pay heed! Those who doubt the Last Day are certainly in extreme error.

[Shoora 42:19] Allah is Benevolent upon His bondmen - He bestows sustenance to whomever He wills; and He only is the All Powerful, the Most Honourable.

Section 3

[Shoora 42:20] Whoever aspires for the yield of the Hereafter - We increase its yield for him; and whoever aspires for the yield of this world - We give him part of it, and he has no portion in the Hereafter.

[Shoora 42:21] Or do they have associate deities who have appointed for them a religion, which Allah has not permitted? And were it not for a Word that had already been decided, the judgement would have been passed between them here itself; and indeed for the unjust is a painful punishment.

[Shoora 42:22] You will see the unjust getting terrified of their own deeds, and (evil of) their deeds will certainly befall them; and (that) those who accepted faith and performed good deeds are in blossoming Gardens of Paradise; for them is whatever they wish from their Lord; this only is the great munificence (of Allah).