[Tur 52:15] “So is this magic, or are you unable to see?”

[Tur 52:16] “Enter it – now whether you patiently bear it or are impatient - it is the same for you; for you is a recompense only for what you used to do.”

[Tur 52:17] Indeed the pious are in Gardens and peace.

[Tur 52:18] Delighted at the bestowal of their Lord; and their Lord has saved them from the fire.

[Tur 52:19] “Eat and drink with pleasure, a reward for what you used to do.”

[Tur 52:20] Reclining on thrones, in rows; and We have wedded them to maidens with gorgeous eyes.

[Tur 52:21] And those who accepted faith, and whose descendants followed them with faith - We have joined their descendants with them, and have not reduced anything for them from their deeds; every soul is trapped in its own deeds.

[Tur 52:22] And We aided them with fruit and meat, whatever they desire.

[Tur 52:23] In it, they accept cups from each other, in which is neither any lewdness nor any sin.

[Tur 52:24] And their boy servants shall go around them, as if they were pearls, safely hidden.

[Tur 52:25] And one of them turned towards the other, questioning.

[Tur 52:26] Saying, “Indeed before this, we were in our houses, worried.”

[Tur 52:27] “So Allah did us a great favour, and saved us from the punishment of the flame.”

[Tur 52:28] “Indeed we used to worship Him in our previous life; indeed He only is the Benign, the Most Merciful.”

Section 2

[Tur 52:29] Therefore (O dear Prophet Mohammed - peace and blessings be upon him), enlighten, for by the munificence of your Lord, you are neither a soothsayer nor a madman.

[Tur 52:30] Or they allege, “He is a poet – we await a calamity of the times to befall him.”

[Tur 52:31] Proclaim, “Go on waiting – I too am waiting along with you.”