[Naziyat 79:16] When his Lord called him in the holy valley of Tuwa.

[Naziyat 79:17] That “Go to Firaun – he has rebelled.”

[Naziyat 79:18] “Tell him ‘Do you have the inclination to become pure?’

[Naziyat 79:19] ‘And I may guide you to your Lord, so that you may fear.’ ”

[Naziyat 79:20] So Moosa showed him a magnificent sign.

[Naziyat 79:21] In response, he denied and disobeyed.

[Naziyat 79:22] He then turned away, striving in his effort.

[Naziyat 79:23] So he gathered the people, and proclaimed.

[Naziyat 79:24] And then said, “I am your most supreme lord.”

[Naziyat 79:25] Allah therefore seized him, in the punishment of this world and the Hereafter.

[Naziyat 79:26] Indeed in this is a lesson for one who fears.

Section 2

[Naziyat 79:27] Do you think that it is harder to create you or the heavens? Allah has created it.

[Naziyat 79:28] He raised its roof and made it proper.

[Naziyat 79:29] And He made its night dark, and started its light.

[Naziyat 79:30] And after it spread out the earth.

[Naziyat 79:31] And from it produced its water and its pasture.

[Naziyat 79:32] And solidified the mountains.

[Naziyat 79:33] In order to benefit you and your cattle.

[Naziyat 79:34] So when the greatest universal disaster arrives,

[Naziyat 79:35] On that day man will recall all what he strove for.

[Naziyat 79:36] And hell will be made visible to all those who can see.

[Naziyat 79:37] So for one who rebelled,

[Naziyat 79:38] And preferred the worldly life,

[Naziyat 79:39] Then indeed hell only is his destination.

[Naziyat 79:40] And for one who feared to stand before his Lord and restrained his soul from desire,

[Naziyat 79:41] Then indeed Paradise only is his destination.

[Naziyat 79:42] They (the disbelievers) ask you regarding the Last Day, as to when is its appointed time.

[Naziyat 79:43] What concern do you have regarding its explanation? (You are not bound to tell them)

[Naziyat 79:44] Towards your Lord only is its conclusion.

[Naziyat 79:45] You are but a Herald of Warning, for one who fears it.

[Naziyat 79:46] The day when they will see it, it will seem as if they had not stayed on earth except for an evening or its morning.