[Yunus 10:26] For the people of virtue, is goodness and more than that; and neither will the blackness nor disgrace come upon their faces; it is they who are the people of Paradise; they will abide in it forever.

[Yunus 10:27] And (for) those who earned evil *, the recompense of evil is equal to it - and disgrace will come upon them; they will have no one to save them from Allah; as if their faces are covered with pieces of the dark night; it is they who are the people of the fire; they will remain in it forever. (* The disbelievers.)

[Yunus 10:28] And on the day when We raise all of them together, then say to the polytheists, "Stay in your place - you and your partners (false deities)"; so We shall separate them from the believers, and their partners will say to them, "When did you ever worship us!?"

[Yunus 10:29] "Therefore Allah suffices as a Witness between us and you, that we were not even aware that you worshipped us!"

[Yunus 10:30] Here will every soul come to know what it has sent ahead, and they will be returned to Allah - their true Master, and they will lose all that they used to fabricate.

Section 4

[Yunus 10:31] Say, (O dear Prophet Mohammed - peace and blessings be upon him), "Who provides you sustenance from the sky and the earth? Or Who is the Owner of the ears and the eyes? And Who brings forth the living from the dead and Who brings forth the dead from the living? And Who plans all matters?" So they will now say, "Allah"; therefore say, "Then why do you not fear?"

[Yunus 10:32] So such is Allah, your True Lord; therefore what remains after the truth, except error? So where are you reverting?

[Yunus 10:33] This is how the Word of your Lord is proved concerning the sinful, so they will not believe.