[Yusuf 12:53] "And I do not portray my soul as innocent; undoubtedly the soul excessively commands towards evil, except upon whom my Lord has mercy; indeed my Lord is Oft Forgiving, Most Merciful."

[Yusuf 12:54] And the king said, "Bring him to me so that I may choose him especially for myself"; and when he had talked to him he said, "Indeed you are today, before us, the honourable, the trusted."

[Yusuf 12:55] Said Yusuf, "Appoint me over the treasures of the earth; indeed I am a protector, knowledgeable."

[Yusuf 12:56] And this is how We gave Yusuf the control over that land; to stay in it wherever he pleased; We may convey Our mercy to whomever We will, and We do not waste the wages of the righteous.

[Yusuf 12:57] And undoubtedly the reward of the Hereafter is better, for those who accept faith and remain pious.

Section 8

[Yusuf 12:58] And Yusuf’s brothers came and presented themselves before him, so he recognised them whereas they remained unaware of him.

[Yusuf 12:59] And when he provided them with their provisions he said, "Bring your step-brother to me; do you not see that I measure in full and that I am the best host?"

[Yusuf 12:60] "And if you do not bring him to me, there shall be no measure (provisions) for you with me and do not ever come near me."

[Yusuf 12:61] They said, "We will seek him from his father - this we must surely do."

[Yusuf 12:62] He said to his slaves, "Place their means back into their sacks, perhaps they may recognise it when they return to their homes, perhaps they may come again."

[Yusuf 12:63] So when they returned to their father, they said, "O our father! The provisions have been denied to us, therefore send our brother with us so that we may bring the provisions, and we will surely protect him."