[Yusuf 12:64] He said, "Shall I trust you regarding him the same way I had trusted you earlier regarding his brother? Therefore Allah is the Best Protector; and He is More Merciful than all those who show mercy."

[Yusuf 12:65] And when they opened their belongings they found that their means had been returned to them; they said, "O our father! What more can we ask for? Here are our means returned to us; we may get the provision for our homes and guard our brother, and get a camel-load extra; giving all these is insignificant for the king."

[Yusuf 12:66] He said, "I shall never send him with you until you give me an oath upon Allah that you will bring him back to me, unless you are surrounded"; and (recall) when they gave him their oath that "Allah’s guarantee is upon what we say." (* He knew that Bin Yamin would be restrained.)

[Yusuf 12:67] And he said, "O my sons! Do not enter all by one gate - and enter by different gates; I cannot save you against Allah; there is no command but that of Allah; upon Him do I rely; and all those who trust, must rely only upon Him."

[Yusuf 12:68] And when they entered from the place where their father had commanded them to; that would not at all have saved them against Allah - except that it was Yaqub’s secret wish, which he fulfilled; and indeed he is a possessor of knowledge, due to Our teaching, but most people do not know.

Section 9

[Yusuf 12:69] And when they entered in the company Yusuf, he seated his brother close to him and said, "Be assured, I really am your brother - therefore do not grieve for what they do."